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Stand out from the crowd of properties listed with professional aerial images.

Tampa Real Estate Drone Photography
Tampa Real Estate Drone Photography

Tampa Real Estate Drone Photography
Tampa Real Estate Drone Photography

In the competitive Florida real estate market it is important to have an advantage over your competition. Aerial imagery creates a way to stand out from the crowd which gets more attention to your deals. Aerial images from drones have been proven to boost traffic to a listing up to 400% over standard photos.

We specialize in low and close photos and video of properties, businesses, land, and other real estate assets. Unlike other hobbyist drone pilots, we are experienced with hundreds of flights and nearly 50 hours of flight giving us the experience to get the shots that others can’t.

Don’t Get In Trouble With The FAA!

With the booming popularity of drones (sUAS) the market is constantly flooded with drone hobbyists and amateurs trying to earn money providing real estate photos most of them are doing business illegally.

In order to use drones commercially the FAA requires drone pilots to take a comprehensive knowledge exam and abide by strict operational, regulatory and airspace requirements. They call this the Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate and without FAA certification drone operators face hefty fines.

This means that if you would like to use your personal drone or the drone of an unlicensed drone pilot you can expect to be contacted by the FAA and cease all flights. The FAA take safety seriously and prevent illegal drone flights from happening when possible. If an unlicensed hobbyist drone pilot crashes or damages property their insurance (if they have any) will be covered because they are not operating legally. In most cases insurance companies will use this to hold themselves harmless of the loss.

We are certified by the FAA and hold a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate and have over 2 years of experiences flying UAS. In addition to our flying experience we are also professional photographers with more than 15 years experience.

We would love to be your provider of UAS imagery.

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Why use Drone Imagery For your Listing?

When listing a property the ultimate goal is to sell the property for your client. A good Realtor will use all the tools and techniques to get their listing in front of as many buyers as possible. Drone imagery from us can give your listing an advantage over the usual boring ground photos or amateur hobby drone flyers.

We provide an experience to your potential home buyers by showing not only the home or property but overall views of the neighborhood.

This is important to show your potential buyers what it looks like on your drive home or the walk from the school bus for the kids.

Drone imagery will highlight the spectacular views of waterfront property, and high rises.

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