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Drones being used for journalism is something that levels the playing field for smaller news organizations without the availability of an on call news helicopter. Unlike television stations in larger media markets, smaller markets and newspapers cannot afford a helicopter.

As a certified drone pilot and news photojournalist for over 15 years I have the flight experience and journalistic eye to cover breaking news with a sUAS platform.

As with all technology there is also some concerns from news managers, law enforcement, and the general public. As the chief pilot for the Tampa Bay Times I evaluate all flight requests and determine many factors regarding the safety and news worthiness of proposed flights.  We would never compromise the safety and privacy of residents or emergency crews while news gathering and take a strict risk management and safety approach.

Using the latest technology and social media apps it is also possible to live stream a breaking news event in realtime to social media or website.

Luis Santana is currently the chief UAS pilot at the Tampa Bay Times and has had several front page photos published in the Tampa Bay Time, Florida’s largest newspaper.

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