Moss Construction

Moss Construction

Drone Imagery Showcase

We understand you already use a drone company for your aerial images but I wanted to offer some samples of my work and some additional options that we offer.

Below are some images of your project on Knights Run in Tampa.

We specialize in low and detailed drone photography and video. We can obtain detailed and specific images that are needed of your project or site surveys.

We can offer you a monthly progress imagery update with all angles of your building, top view, wide view and all 4 sides. We can also concentrate on 2 specific areas of your building for a total of 10-12 images per month.

This service is $250/month

If you prefer photo and video we can offer both for $450/month

3D Property Map

Hundreds of photos are taken in a grid pattern to create a 3D image of property. This method is ideal for land to be developed as well as neighborhoods. High rise structures are currently not supported.

This service is starts at $350 depending on acreage. 

2D Map

This image is a stitch of hundreds of geo tagged photos shot in a grid pattern and then stitched into software that create a high resolution image. This process is ideal for land or property that is has properties less than 3 stories. This image gives a much more detailed and up to date information than Google Maps. This file can be embedded or exported into a jpg image that can be printed large.

This service is starts at $250 depending on acreage. 

4K Video Overview

Sometimes a moving image is best to see construction progress and an overall view of the property. We can fly specific shots in this demo or have our drone direct it’s attention to specific parts of the building.

This service is starts at $250 depending location